Apart from the unpleasant facts about pests, there are number of other issues that can make you frustrated and life in general can become more troublesome if you don't bring your attention to pest control in time. Your timely attention to this problem can help your family safe and keep the infection from spreading over to the neighborhood. We are able to help you with different services that will eventually bring the pests under control, helping you to live a healthy and a peaceful life. Your family and neighbors will be safe with our advanced pest control techniques.

Residental pest control · Commercial pest control - wasps - flies - cockroaches - fleas- spiders - rats

We serve: Lancaster, Bainsville, Apple Hill, Martintown, Avonmore, Vankleek Hill, Glen Roberston, St.Eugene, L'orignal, St.Isidore, Chesterville, Lunnenburg, Ingelside, St.Andrews, Alfred, Plantagenet, St.Albert.

A pest problem doesn’t have to be your problem. Canadian Pest Control Services is licensed by the Ministry of the Environment under Operator # 053355.

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