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commercial pest control services

Our commercial pest control programs are custom made to tailor each individual business. Our programs effectively target nuisance pests, while providing preventative and continuous control throughout your specified program schedule.

General health and safety is something that you need to take seriously, whether it’s around your home or office. We can effectively remove and eliminate a range of germs and bacteria that could otherwise cause a range of concerns, especially health ones.

The Covid-19 Disinfection Service that we provide also covers a wide range of business disinfecting services. Your business can see a significant amount of people coming and going, including yourself and your staff. So, it’s important to ensure that you create an environment that safe and healthy, especially in the current environment. That’s something our commercial disinfecting service. We can help you make sure that your office or working space is properly disinfected so you can create an environment that’s safe and healthy for everyone.

Restaurants - Hotels/Motels/Apartments - Commercial Warehouses - Food Processing and Distribution Centers - Healthcare Facilities - Property Management - Industrial - Power Generation…

We serve: Lancaster, Bainsville, Apple Hill, Martintown, Avonmore, Vankleek Hill, Glen Roberston, St.Eugene, L'orignal, St.Isidore, Chesterville, Lunnenburg, Ingelside, St.Andrews, Alfred, Plantagenet, St.Albert.

A pest problem doesn’t have to be your problem. Canadian Pest Control Services is licensed by the Ministry of the Environment under Operator # 053355.

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